Machine Intelligence Technology Development Engineer
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Job description :

Internationalization is one of the current strategic directions of Alibaba Group, and Machine Intelligence Technology Lab(MIT) is responsible for providing multilingual information services for internationalization strategies.

We hope that through the integration of intelligent machine translation technology and artificial translation services platform, we could solve cross-

language communication problems fast, at low cost and with high quality, so that there is no language barriers in international business.

We look forward to meeting a candidate who would fulfill the following conditions, join the team and work hard for this great goal.

Job requirement :

1.Minimum 2 years experience in famous IT companies as a development engineer.

2.Good at programming, proficient in java development language, familiar with jvm, web development, caching, distributed architecture, messaging middleware and other core technologies.

Some Experience in building core algorithms for recommendation systems, data mining, machine learning, or artificial intelligence in a commercial setting is preferred.

3.Proficient in the mainstream Java EE open source framework, can understand its principles and mechanisms, such as Spring, iBatis, struts.

4.Familiar with mySql and other RDBS, or nosql database technology. Some sql optimization experience.

5.Prior experience of building micro services and working with service oriented architecture is a big plus.

6.Fluency in English is required, must be able to work comfortably with geographically distributed teams and diverse culture backgrounds.

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